Despite Confiscation, New Zealand Sees Most Gun Crime in a Decade

On April 5, 2019, three days after New Zealand’s Arms Amendment Act 2019 advanced from its first reading in parliament, NRA-ILA noted that “[g]iven the abundant research on Australia’s similar gun confiscation efforts, New Zealand officials can expect that their gun control measures will do little more than trample the natural rights of gun owners​…”

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Law-Abiding Gun Owners – “We Are Not Terrorists”

NRA members who attended the NRA Personal Protection Expo share a special message with San Francisco politicians. The NRA is proudly recognized as the longest-standing civil rights group – with more than 5 million members, the NRA protects the rights of gun owners and the Second Amendment across America. If you are interested in joining […]

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21 foot rule

Video: The 21-Foot Rule

In this segment from our Shoot/Don’t Shoot Seminar, Joe Sirignano talks about the 21-Foot Rule and its importance. For more information on the 21-Foot Rule, contact us at

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