It’s Back! The Use of Deadly Force Seminar with Joe Sirignano

IMG-2093-1Some of you may recall our seminar a couple years back on the Use of Deadly Force with retired Boston Police Officer, Joe Sirignano. Joe is back at On Target Training offering this course again for a limited time only. This course reviews essential information and best practices if you are ever in a situation where you may have to use deadly force. Joe offers decades of training and expertise and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with you! Stay tuned to our social media accounts and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter for upcoming dates and times.

For more information on what the course entails, please review some of our blogs below.

Meet Joe Sirignano – Host of Shoot/Don’t Shoot Seminar

Meet the host of our Shoot/Don’t Shoot Seminar, Joe Sirignano. Joe is a 40+ year Boston Police Veteran and has first-hand experience in the use of deadly force. In the seminar, attendees will learn about the laws and their rights with the use of deadly force. Topics to be covered include the Castle Law, home break-ins, road rage incidents, and much more. View the video below to learn more about Joe’s background and what the seminar entails.

Introduction: Shoot/Don’t Shoot Seminar

Get a sneak peek of our Shoot/Don’t Shoot Seminar with Joe Sirignano. This course teaches civilians their laws and rights when it comes to the use of deadly force. Joe Sirignano is a 40+ year veteran of the Boston Police and has firsthand experience with the use of deadly force. This seminar is highly recommended for gun owners of all ages.

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