8 Facts About Firearms

Educate yourself about the real truths of the firearms industry.

1. There are about 270 million civilian firearms owned in America.

2. Guns are 80x more likely to be used to protect a life than to take one.

3. Approximately 200,000 times every year, women use a firearm to defend themselves against a sexual predator.

4. More than half of felons in a survey revealed they would back down against a victim with a gun.

5. Studies have shown that increased gun ownership shows a negative correlation in crime rates.

6. Stricter gun control laws have lead to a significant increase in murder rates. For example, the European countries with the least gun ownership showed a 3x increased murder rate compared to those with the most gun owners.

7. Concealed carry laws in America have benefit citizens in a number of ways. States that have adopted this policy have seen an almost 8% decrease in murders, 5% in rapes, 3% in robberies, and 7% in aggravated assaults.

8. “But police officers carry guns, so we don’t need to.” FALSE. There are less than 800,000 police officers in the US with an average of 606 criminals killed each year. There are about 80 MILLION armed citizens in America, killing over 1,500 criminals each year.


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