What’s New at On Target Training

Check out some of the new items at On Target Training!

New to the Pre-Owned Inventory

  • 9 Carcano Rifles
    Not in great shape, no bolts, all 9 for $200.00
  • 3 03-A3 Rifles
    Good shape, missing the safety lever on the left side, $300 each
  • Springfield 1903 Mark 1 Barreled Action
    $300, a box of bolts $50 each, a box of trigger housings $50 each
  • 1 Sten Barrel and 1 bolt
    Pricing TBA

M-1 Garand Parts Currently in Stock


Tommy Gun Stocks Available – $200




On Target Training is a safe haven for police. Sit and eat, use the restroom, cool off on a hot day, whatever. We’re all retired from the job and you are all most welcome.

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