FINAL DAYS – “Night Sight Week” at On Target Training

This week at On Target Training is “National Night Sight Week”. For this week only, we are offering a special offer with $10 off any in-stock night sight at On Target.

Night Sights have a number of benefits for gun owners alike, whether you are looking for more home safety or are looking to improve accuracy with hunting.

For those who are unaware, Night Sights attach to your firearm and provide a low light glow to improve aim and accuracy. There are two different types of night sights available; one is fiber optic and the other is filled with Tritium, a radioactive material that emits its own light.

Benefits of these include improved shooting accuracy in low to no light areas, they allow you to see your firearm in the dark in the event of an intruder, and are much better quality than the factory ones that your weapon may have originally come with.


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