Did You Know a NASA Scientist Invented the TASER?

Jack Cover, a NASA Scientist, launched the first prototype of the TASER in 1970, and coined the name after a Tom Swift novel, Tom A. Swift’s Electric Rifle.

How Tasers Work

A Taser is a handheld unit that fires out 2 small electrodes that are connected to wires. Most models are single-shot and have to be replaced after one use, and there are cartridges of various lengths up to 35 feet. For civilians, the minimum range is 15 feet.

Law Enforcement Benefits

For police officers, Tasers may improve safety. Tasers have been found to reduce injuries in officers compared to batons and hand usage. With the different cartridge sizes, the deployment range is also greater than batons, pepper spray, or hands.

Civilian Benefits

There are special models of Tasers that are meant for civilians. Tasers are also a less lethal weapon compared to firearms and offering an alternative to a self-defense weapon.



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