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On Target Training is a leading distributor of SSP Eyewear, a manufacturer of world class eyewear for sports, various fields of work, and everyday needs. SSP provides over a decade of experience in the eyewear sector and its mission is to spread the importance of protective eyewear in all aspects of life, weather it is for sun protection or to shield your eyes at the gun range.

Believe it or not, an impressive 87% of eye injuries could have been prevented by wearing the proper eye protection. Why don’t people protect their eyes properly? Well, there are a number of reasons, especially for those who are into fashion or find such products uncomfortable. The great news is that SSP is changing the eyewear game – the company provides a range of very comfortable eye protection that not only shields the eye but are fashionable too.

SSP’s range of products are manufactured with shatterproof lenses with a high quality anti-scratch coating. Even better, the products have gone through extensive tests by leading laboratories approved by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), a private non-profit organization that provides the standard that OSHA upholds and enforces. Every single pair of eyeglasses manufactured by SSP is approved using a complex machine that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at 100+ MPH.

Additional benefits of SSP eyewear include its decentered lenses, uniquely designed frames to avoid pinching, and rubber tips to improve comfort on the nose and temple.

At On Target Training, we carry a range of SSP Eyewear products, including numerous focal shooting glasses. Our inventory is changing everyday, but some of the products we carry feature the Top Focal AST Kit, the Top Focal Clear Kit, the Top Focal Smoked Kit, and much more. For more details on our current inventory, give the store a call at (508) 456-1093.

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