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 Mass. Gun Laws By and For Non-Lawyers

(How To Stay Legal and Out of Trouble)

By Len Segal

A 5+ hour exploration of Massachusetts gun laws including time for your questions and answers. [NOTE: This is NOT the same material you received in a Basic Firearms Class, it is a lot more comprehensive than that.]

Exposing the rumors and presenting the facts.

 The Lawful use of Lethal Force for Self Defense.

 Safe Storage, Carry, "Forbidden Places," and Transportation.

 Buying, Selling, Shipping, and Inheritance of firearms.

 Understanding "Large Capacity" and "Assault Weapons"

 Discussion of "gray areas", case law, LE "thinking", etc.

 Dual Residency, Ammo Storage

 Boston Laws, transportation over state lines, and lots more....

Cost: $80.00, Non-Refundable Deposit of $20.00 required.

Registration: Contact On Target Training for registration and payment.  Please specify which date you wish to attend.


 FRIDAY, October 25, 2013 – 12Noon to 5PM

 MONDAY, November 25, 2013 – 12Noon to 5PM

Learn To Shoot Safely and Correctly

Whether you are interested in recreational shooting, competition, hunting, gun collecting, historical reenactment, home safety, or personal protection -- the basics are where to start! NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses teach you the safety principles and help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to successfully pursue your shooting interests.


Since 1871, one of NRA's major objectives has been to provide basic training in the safe and proper use of firearms. Today, more than 50,000 NRA Certified Instructors throughout the United States continue this fine tradition of public service by conducting NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses.


Courses are offered in the following disciplines:

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Personal Protection In The Home
  • Personal Protection Outside The Home


Click here to purchase for any of our courses online


Course Descriptions:

Basic Instructor Training: 6 hours


Basic Rifle: 14 hours

Basic Pistol: 10 hours

Basic Shotgun: 10 hours


First Steps Rifle: 3+ hour orientation

First Steps Pistol: 3+ hour orientation

First Steps Shotgun: 3+ hour orientation


Personal Protection in the Home: 8 hours

Personal Protection Outside of the Home: 14 hours

Home Firearm Safety: 4 hours


Muzzleloader Training: for rifle (12 hours), pistol (12 hours), or shotgun (10 hours)

Range Safety Officer: 9 hours

Metallic Cartridge Reloading: 8 hours

Shotgun Cartridge Reloading: 8 hours

Pepper Spray:2 hours


What will you learn in an NRA basic course?

Using the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement, basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe firearm handling
  • Firear parts and operation
  • Ammunition and its function
  • Shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range. /li>
  • How to select, clean and store a firearm
  • Review of various activities available to help participants develop and improve their shooting skills.
  • Attractive certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete each basic course.



FIRST (Firearm Instruction, Responsibility and Safety Training) STEPS is the latest addition to the NRA's training programs for new shooters. It provides hands-on orientation to one specific rifle, pistol or shotgun model in as little as three hours, including a one-hour shooting session on a range.


What materials are available on the basics of shooting?

NRA publishes student manuals for each course in the program. While they are not a substitute for hands-on training, they are helpful and you ca order them directly from NRA. Contact the NRA Training Department for a Basic Firearm Training brochure.
When you've finished your course, not only will you have learned the basics, you will be on your way to pursuing a lifetime of shooting. By joining one of the nearly 10,000 NRA-affiliated clubs located across the U.S., you can meet people who share your interest, and make lasting friendships.


For more information about NRA affiliated clubs, call 800-672-2582.



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